SRF Resolution Process

What is a resolution?

A resolution is a way to express an idea or identify a problem or opportunity on which the Section can take action. Although a resolution may deal with complex issues, most begin when a member of the Section for Residents and Fellows-in-Training recognizes a problem and suggests a solution. A resolution presents the background behind the problem and outlines a course of action in a logical manner. Depending on any subsequent action taken by the Board of Directors a resolution may become the cornerstone of a new Academy program or policy on an issue.

How do I write a resolution?

The first step to writing a resolution is to collect the facts. This data forms the basis for WHEREAS statements. To be effective, only a few WHEREAS statements should be included in the resolution. Their purpose is to outline the problem, not to be exhaustively complete.

RESOLVED statements describe the desired outcome, course of action, or follow-up. Each RESOLVED statement must stand on its own, as it is the only part of the resolution that becomes part of the official record if adopted. While more than one RESOLVED can be part of the same resolution, they should be related.

The second step is getting colleagues with the same opinion to "co-sponsor" the resolution, which makes it stronger.

The format for submitting resolutions is as follows:

  • Begin with the sponsor's name and contact information, and the title of the resolution.
  • In the first WHEREAS clause, whenever possible, cite pertinent, existing policy as outlined by AAO-HNS. Academy staff will be happy to assist when requested.
  • In the second WHEREAS clause, whenever possible, identify the AAO-HNS strategic initiative the resolution is designed to support.
  • In the third WHEREAS clause, outline the rationale for the proposed recommendation. There may be circumstances where the rationale is obvious, and this portion of the resolution may be omitted.
  • Identify the requested action in the RESOLVED clause. Do not combine a policy resolve and a directive in the same clause. If the intent is to change/create policy and outline a desired action in the same resolution, write the policy resolve first and identify the desired action in a subsequent resolve.

Prior to the SRF General Assembly meeting where your resolution will be discussed, you should:

  • Talk to other SRF members to recruit support for your resolution.
  • Prepare a brief statement of introduction.
  • Be prepared to counter opponents.
  • Be present at SRF General Assembly meeting.

SRF Sample Resolution

Introduced by: Adam T. Ross, MD

Title: Academy Slide Presentations

WHEREAS, It is our duty and responsibility to educate both our patients and our referring physician base about the indications for otolaryngologic intervention; and

WHEREAS, The success of our practices is largely based on relationships we develop with our patients and colleagues; and

WHEREAS, The Academy already has in its possession slide presentations designed to facilitate the passage of this information for such a purpose; and

WHEREAS, Many physicians have already moved to a computer-based presentation system which brings with it both reduced production costs as well as the ability to more easily update these lectures; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the AAO-HNS Section of Residents and Fellows (SRF) ask the AAO-HNS to update these slide presentations for current use; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the AAO-HNS SRF ask the AAO-HNS to make these slide presentations available in power-point format; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the AAO-HNS offer these presentations to each resident at the completion of his/her training at a reasonable cost.

Where do I submit my resolution?

Fill out the form below or submit your resolution to the SRF.



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