AcademyQ: Otolaryngology Knowledge Assessment Tool® is an invaluable resource for physicians-in-training and physicians interested in certifying and recertifying in otolaryngology – head and neck surgery. AcademyQ offers eight sections, one for each otolaryngology specialty area.

Every question is accompanied by an explanation of the correct and incorrect answers with references for further reading and learning that allows users to gain a greater understanding of the topics.

Developed by nationally recognized otolaryngology – head and neck surgery experts, AcademyQ offers otolaryngology – head and neck surgeons the opportunity to review information they need to prepare for certification examinations.

About the app

AcademyQ has been updated for the iPhone 5 and to run on iOS6.

The questions are presented in 8 specialty sections. Search, keywords, and topics all allow the user quick and easy navigation to questions of interest. Every question is accompanied by an explanation of the correct answers with references for further study. The user can highlight text, mark questions for future review, and record audio and text notes.


How do I download the app?

Open the APP Store on your mobile IOS device, and search for AcademyQ. AcademyQ is free to download and comes with 10 sample questions.

Already on your mobile device? Click here.


How do I purchase the questions?

Want to see all the questions? Click on any unpurchased question and follow the prompts to buy.


Do I need to purchase the questions again?

No. Once the questions have been purchased, you can install them on up to 5 iOS devices; as long as you login with the same iTunes account. Simply download the app to the new device and click any unpurchased question. Follow the prompts to buy. Before processing the charge, the app will search your iTunes account, verify that you have already purchased the question pack, and then allow you to install it again without paying.

Want to watch an AcademyQ demo on YouTube?

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