CPT for ENT: Electro-oculography

CPT for ENT: Electro-oculography

Q: Can Otolaryngologists Report the CPT Code 92270 (Electro-oculography with interpretation and report) to indicate Saccadic Testing during an Electronystamography (ENG) Procedure?

A: It has come to the Academy's attention that otolaryngologists are reporting CPT code 92270 Electro-oculography with interpretation and report to describe saccadic testing during an ENG procedure. To follow the American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) guidelines, providers should only use this code to document a standard test of the electrical potential created in a retina when exposed to light for Best Vitelliform Maculopathy. 

As a result, otolaryngologists and their practices should not report CPT code 92270 with ENG testing (CPT codes 92541-92547, Vestibular Functions Tests, With Recording). 

To ensure optimal reimbursement for any services rendered, remember to submit detailed clinical documentation that supports the physician’s treatment rationale.

Approved June 2008