2015 GIN-NYAM meeting (EGAPPS II)
New York, NY
March 2-3, 2015

Get Involved with AAO-HNSF Clinical Practice Guidelines: 2015 G-I-N Conference Scholars Program

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Through the G-I-N Scholars program, the AAO-HNSF will fund up to six AAO-HNS members ($1,500 each) to attend the GIN-NYAM meeting (EGAPPS II) Conference in New York, NY, providing an opportunity for eligible physicians to enrich their understanding of guideline development, dissemination, and implementation. G-I-N aims to encourage partnerships and foster work in the guidelines community, thus supporting evidence-based health care and improved health outcomes throughout the world.

Application and Requirements

Receiving a G-I-N Scholar award entails a commitment to collaborate with the AAO-HNSF by serving as either a panel member or assistant chair (depending on experience level) on an upcoming guideline panel, enabling recipients to obtain hands-on guideline development experience. G-I-N Scholars also agree to submit a commentary to Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery about a specific aspect of clinical practice guidelines (e.g. development, dissemination, adaptation, implementation, etc.) within three months of publication of the clinical practice guideline.*

*G-I-N Scholar Application Requirements:
•    Applicants must be members of the AAO-HNS
•    Residents are not eligible to apply
•    Previous G-I-N or Cochrane Scholar recipients may apply if three years have passed and all of their prior obligations were met.

Important Dates:

Application Deadline: December 1, 2014

Applicants notified of selection: January 15, 2015

The G-I-N Scholar application submission process is paperless. All application submissions must be submitted electronically.


Contact Lorraine Nnacheta lnnacheta@entnet.org or 1-703-535-3751.

Past G-I-N Scholars

2012 G-I-N Conference Scholars-New York, NY
2013 G-I-N Conference Scholars-San Francisco, CA
2014 G-I-N Conference Scholars-Melbourne, Australia