Corporate Support

AAO-HNS believes in forming collaborative relationships with industry colleagues so each of us can appropriately leverage the important work of the other.  By working together, we can better serve and communicate with the otolaryngology specialty, practitioners, and patients. 

As AAO-HNS is the world's largest organization representing otolaryngology, our corporate partners are able to demonstrate their commitment to the specialty while gaining access to the broadest range of otolaryngology specialists available.

Information for Our Members
Member only discounts on valuable products and services provided by AAO-HNS and our corporate partners. Learn more.

Information for Corporate Colleagues
AAO-HNS/F offers several platforms of participation for supporting companies ranging from philanthropic support to otolaryngological medical research. Learn more.

For more information, please contact:
David Buckner
Manager, Corporate Relations
Phone: 1-703-535-3718