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The Academy offers one-time usage licensing of its membership list of more than 12,000 otolaryngologists, including fellows, members, residents, associates, scientific fellows, and affiliates. The list is continuously updated, making the AAO-HNS membership list the most accurate and current list of otolaryngologists available. The data card can be accessed online at

You can sort the Membership List by:
• Practice setting
• Region, state
• Subspecialty
• Other targeted selections

Easy ways to order:
Call:    1-800-708-5478
Fax:    1-866-708-5478

AAO-HNS Member Directory
The complete AAO-HNS Member Directory offers access to all of your otolaryngology colleagues and professionals, both nationally and internationally, sorted alphabetically and geographically. For personal use only. Cannot be reproduced to compile mailing lists.
Member Price: $100, List Price: $500
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Reach nearly 12,000 otolaryngologists monthly and r
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For advertising information, contact:
Pharmaceutical Media, Inc.
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ENT Careers
Looking to hire? In search of a job? Go to ENT Careers the trusted otolaryngology online employment source.
• Access a nationwide market of qualified otolaryngology candidates
• Receive email alerts when potential candidates post a resume
• Create targeted employee searches with criteria you specify
Job seekers:
• Post a resume and cover letter, confidentially or visibly, at no cost
• Track your current and past activity
• Create search agents and receive email notices of new opportunities
All with exceptional personal customer service and consultation, toll-free Monday–Friday, 7 am–5:30 pm MST.
To learn more:
Call:    Toll-free 1-888-884-8242

Academy Advantage
Your Academy has teamed with premium brand vendors to offer you a range of products and services for your professional needs, at members-only discount prices. Some vendors have customized products or services for the Academy Advantage program. Explore the offerings of Academy Advantage at today!

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