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KidSafe Holiday

Help promote a KidSafe Holiday this year.

The holidays and winter months are a joyous time of the year for kids and adults alike. But changes in routine and the excitement of the season can keep people from being as safety-conscious as they usually are.

The Academy wants you and your patients to have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. The KidSafe Holiday campaign helps inform the public of some of the ENT-related safety risks that may come from holiday celebrations and winter activities.

Use the #KidSafeHoliday hashtag to help spread the message and follow our Twitter account for patients: @BeENTsmart 

Social Media Resources

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Social Media Posts

Cold weather and indoor allergies can worsen or trigger asthma. During the winter months, be aware of asthma symptoms your child might have and learn more about treatment options for #asthma #KidSafeHoliday

Protect your child from facial injury this holiday season. Read about types of injuries and what to do if your child is injured. #KidSafeHoliday

Noisy toys can damage hearing. Find out more about noise-induced hearing loss and commit to a #KidSafeHoliday. #hearingloss 

Protect your child from the dangers of secondhand smoke and have a #KidSafeHoliday

Pediatric #HearingLoss can be caused by many things, including head or noise trauma. Learn more and plan to have a #KidSafeHoliday on #NewYearsEve

Additional Holiday Safety Resources

Here are some additional holiday safety resources you can use to create your own messages.