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AAO-HNS/F Patient Education Licensing

AAO-HNS/F Patient Education Licensing

Have you thought about putting patient health information on your practice website but want to avoid reinventing the wheel? The American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery Foundation licenses the text of its patient leaflets for just that purpose. As an Academy member, you are likely familiar with our line of patient leaflets. Some of our most popular products, the leaflets are available on a wide variety of topics ranging from earaches and skin cancer to swallowing and snoring.

What is a licensing agreement?

A license with the Foundation permits the licensee to utilize patient leaflet material on his/her website. Licenses are legal agreements that grant permission to use copyrighted materials for a specific use and term. The licenses stipulate how and where the material may be used, as well as necessary credit lines. Although Foundation licenses typically permit use for a term of one year, they are renewable.

Depending on the intended usage of the material, there may be an applicable fee. Academy members are eligible for significantly discounted licensing fees. If the request is deemed to fall under the U.S. Copyright Office’s definition of fair use, the licensing fee will be waived altogether. The determination of ‘fair use’ depends on the audience, purpose, and scope of the intended usage.

How do I obtain a license?

Obtaining a license from the Foundation is relatively simple. Once the specific material and usage has been determined, a licensing agreement will be sent to the licensee for signature. At that point, any applicable payment will also be due. When the license is signed and returned, it will then be signed by the Foundation. The licensed materials, as well as a copy of the completed agreement, will then be sent to the licensee for his or her files.

If you are interested in pursuing a license for an Academy/Foundation resource, please contact the Licensing Coordinator at 1-703-535-3714 or via e-mail.

Licensing fee schedule

License Individual Items

Patient Information Website License

(includes more than 35 health information topics
with updates available)

Academy Member OR Nonprofit

 $60 per property licensed, per use

 $600 per license*


 $60 per property licensed, per use


Nonmember Professional

 $250 per property licensed, per use

 $1,200 per license*


 $250 per property licensed, per use

 $1,200 per license*

*Each license covers up to 4 doctors. Larger practices will require additional licenses.